Blog Tour Continues!

Today’s A Haunting of Words interview is with author Travis West. “If It’s Not Okay, It’s Not the End” – With the help of a late music icon, a newly deceased rock band embarks on a cross-country trip to help their drummer deliver a message to his ex-girlfriend. What inspired you to write this story?:�Continue reading “Blog Tour Continues!”

Planet Earth

This week we’ve been catching up on the BBC’s newest nature series, “Planet Earth II.”  If you watched the first series, you’ll remember it…the cinematography, the remote settings. This time around is no different.  It’s Must See TV, and this time I got to thinking about why. It’s not the incredible camera work, catching animalContinue reading “Planet Earth”

Instant Mastery

Writers are an odd bunch.  It takes a lot of ego to create a story, write it out, and expect total strangers to plunk down their hard-earned cash for the privilege of reading it. At the same time we are often crippled by self-doubt, requiring massive affirmation from our agents, our editors, our families andContinue reading “Instant Mastery”

A fun little story for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Here’s a story I wrote for a convention anthology last year.  Tonight seemed like the perfect night to share it. Transformation   It started on the full moon. The first thing I noticed was the difference in my teeth.  You don’t really think about it unless something changes, but if there’s one placeContinue reading “A fun little story for Halloween”

When Do You Write?

I’m asked that question all the time. As a full time veterinarian, my work hours are…let’s say, flexible.  My last appointment might be at 5:40, but I might not get home ’till eight on any given night.  True emergencies, and “emergencies” (client: “Gee, Doc, he’s been throwing up for six days straight…I think he’s reallyContinue reading “When Do You Write?”

Future Worlds!

A few months ago my publisher Future House had the great idea of putting together an anthology featuring short stories by their sci-fi authors.  The idea is to cross-pollinate our fans and share our worlds with more readers. They asked me to write a short story set in the Horizon Alpha world, and of courseContinue reading “Future Worlds!”

A Silly Little Post about Punctuation

The other day I was driving around and saw a bumper sticker on the car in front of me. It said, “Stop Killing Cops”. Now I’m pretty sure I know what that driver meant to say with the sticker.  But it got me thinking about how punctuation can change everything, and how many different meaningsContinue reading “A Silly Little Post about Punctuation”