Cover Reveal!

Does anyone want a sneak peek at the cover for the Horizon Alpha sequel?



Coming in July!!

Future Worlds!

A few months ago my publisher Future House had the great idea of putting together an anthology featuring short stories by their sci-fi authors.  The idea is to cross-pollinate our fans and share our worlds with more readers. They asked me to write a short story set in the Horizon Alpha world, and of course I couldn’t say no.

High Wire takes place in the early days, just after the transports crash land at what will become Eden base.  Do you remember the first time you saw a T-rex?  Shiro does.

Check it out, tell your friends, and enjoy a little more time on Tau Ceti e.

Available here on Amazon.

Future Worlds: A Science Fiction Anthology by [Dayton, Cameron, Darling, Michael, Garrett, Jared, Healy, Mark R., Russell, Josi, Vogel, D.W.]

Ohio Readers and Writers Expo

This weekend was the first annual Ohio Readers and Writers Expo, held in Akron, Ohio.  The organizers did a great job with putting together a well-run show.  Over thirty area authors participated with booths and workshops.

I sat on the Fantasy/SciFi Authors’ Panel discussion, and along with my author buddy Jerjonji, I led a workshop called “What’s Next After the First Draft,” about pre-publication platform, editing tips, and beta reader guidelines.  We had handouts and a powerpoint, courtesy of Jerjonji, and our attendees were furiously taking notes throughout.  One young man said he’d been to other con workshops, and that ours was the most useful he’d ever been to.

That same young man also gave us a cool idea for breaking into YouTube channels.  More to come as we work out the details.

Despite sparse attendance, this was a successful expo for me.  These events are less about selling books and more about making connections with readers and other writers. We all have ideas to share and the Ohio writing community is full of amazing people.

Thanks to all who participated, and I hope you enjoy Horizon Alpha and Flamewalker!



Have you ever been to an author event?  What did you like best?  Dislike?  Share in the comments!

Horizon Alpha available today!

It’s finally time for dinosaurs to rule again!

I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of Horizon Alpha: Predators of Eden from Future House Publishing.

It’s a science fiction adventure about fifteen year old Caleb Wilde whose shuttle goes down in a jungle full of dinosaurs.

Preliminary reviews have been overwhelmingly positive:


“Makes Jurassic Park look like an afternoon at the BMV.”

“I read it in two nights.”

“I did not want it to end.”


Future House is a family-friendly publisher, so Horizon Alpha is suitable for readers of all ages.

The e-book is available today, and the paperback version will follow in about a month.  Act fast for special launch day pricing and look for our giveaway on Goodreads.  As always, reviews are greatly appreciated.

Hope you enjoy this fun sci-fi romp! T-rex is waiting!