Horizon Delta Available for Preorder!

The final entry in the Horizon series releases September 1! Don’t miss the conclusion to humanity’s search for refuge in a hostile universe. Jonah was born on a dying spaceship. If everything had gone according to plan, Jonah would have lived and died aboard Horizon Delta, leaving his future descendants to colonize a new homeContinue reading “Horizon Delta Available for Preorder!”

I am the Hero

It’s been a challenging year here at wendyvogelbooks.com.  I’ve been a cancer survivor since 2011, and last summer it decided to drop by for a visit.  It ate my left hip, which has been replaced by the T-800 (with built-in rocket launcher and smoothie machine), and has proceeded to enjoy my liver, bits of lung,Continue reading “I am the Hero”

Today’s featured interview author is William Thatch, whose story “Barely A Story” is included in the anthology “A Flash of Words.” If you had to do one thing differently with your story, what would it be? Well, Johnny–may I call you Johnny? Great! I don’t think I’d do anything differently. It came out as IContinue reading

The next AFOW author interview!

Today, my featured author is Lozzi Counsell whose story “The Consequences of Grief” is included in the anthology A Flash of Words. Enjoy her interview, and check out the anthology! What was the inspiration for your story? When I was studying creative writing at uni, a fellow author (can’t remember who unfortunately) came to giveContinue reading “The next AFOW author interview!”

A Flash of Words interviews are here!

Hi, gang! It’s that time again.  I have a story in a cool anthology called A Flash of Words, available now from Scout Media. In the coming weeks I’ll be featuring interviews with the authors of some of the stories, so stay tuned for the stories behind the stories, and check out the anthology forContinue reading “A Flash of Words interviews are here!”

Why Writers Suck at Writing Their Own Jacket Copy

Writing the actual book is the fun part. It all goes downhill from there. I’m often reminded of this when I peruse the feeds of all the online writing groups I belong to. Writer after writer posts their query letter or back jacket copy for critique, and it becomes obvious that for some reason theContinue reading “Why Writers Suck at Writing Their Own Jacket Copy”

It’s All In Your Head

I love the Olympics. For two years at a time, I could not care less about sports. I don’t watch sports on TV, I don’t go to sporting events, and when I’m running, I’m always listening to an audiobook, so it doesn’t count as exercise so much as story time.  But that all changes whenContinue reading “It’s All In Your Head”

Indiana Writing Workshop Wrapup

Continuing education is part of most professions, and writing is no different. I love attending conferences for both of my jobs, and both for the same reason: leapfrogging. Ordinary learning is step by step. You have an issue, so you try to find an answer.  You look things up, or consult a resource.  You tryContinue reading “Indiana Writing Workshop Wrapup”

Doors Close, Windows Open

You work and practice, honing your craft. You write THE novel. You know the one. That special novel where everything you’ve learned comes together into one solid piece of work.  There may have been many before it, but this one’s ready. You research all the literary agents that represent novels like yours. You query. TheyContinue reading “Doors Close, Windows Open”