Down in Flames

It is with great sadness that I share the news that Word Branch Publishing is going out of business.

I am forever grateful to Cathy for taking a chance on an unpublished writer and making Flamewalker a reality.  It will shortly be unavailable on Amazon.

I have some print copies to sell at my events this fall, but when they’re gone they’re gone.

So what do I do with Flamewalker now?

It’s dear to my heart and I hate to see it out of print.  There are a couple of options.  I can look for a new publisher for it and see if another company thinks they can make it sell.  This is challenging because most publishers want new works only.   It’s not right for Future House, who published Horizon Alpha.  I could get the rights to the cover art and self-publish it on Amazon and CreateSpace.  That’s never been an option for me before because I didn’t want to.  I’ve always felt that if I wrote a work and tried to place it with no success, and not one single publisher anywhere wanted to put their name on it, then maybe I didn’t want my name on it, either.  Since Flamewalker did find a publisher, I don’t have that uncertainty anymore, so I might go that route.

Or it might just be gone.

Several of my dear friends are going through this at the moment along with me, and I’m so lucky to have Horizon Alpha out with Future House right now.  They’re completely adrift and having to start all over, and at least I’ve still got a novel doing well.  I’m over halfway through the sequel with high hopes for the series. And my agent has another manuscript that might blow the doors off for me.

So I’m all right.

But it’s time to say goodbye to Khalira, at least for now.

Until later, Walk in Her Sight, Live in Her Wisdom.


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