Ohio Readers and Writers Expo

This weekend was the first annual Ohio Readers and Writers Expo, held in Akron, Ohio.  The organizers did a great job with putting together a well-run show.  Over thirty area authors participated with booths and workshops. I sat on the Fantasy/SciFi Authors’ Panel discussion, and along with my author buddy Jerjonji, I led a workshopContinue reading “Ohio Readers and Writers Expo”

This post contains a curse word

If you’ve found this post because you’re a kid who loved Horizon Alpha, fair warning to you.  This post contains a curse word. Not a little one.  Not hell or crap.  It’s the big one. My current publisher is family-friendly, so Horizon Alpha contains no swearing.  Do you know how hard it is to writeContinue reading “This post contains a curse word”

Horizon Alpha available today!

It’s finally time for dinosaurs to rule again! I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of Horizon Alpha: Predators of Eden from Future House Publishing. It’s a science fiction adventure about fifteen year old Caleb Wilde whose shuttle goes down in a jungle full of dinosaurs. Preliminary reviews have been overwhelmingly positive:   “Makes JurassicContinue reading “Horizon Alpha available today!”

Writing a perfect novel

My editor saved a guy’s life today. I didn’t want her to. I argued a bit. Told her she shouldn’t do it.  But she convinced me, and now there’s a character in my upcoming release who should have died but doesn’t.  One life saved. We’re in the final stages of editing Horizon Alpha: Predators ofContinue reading “Writing a perfect novel”

When should you write the sequel?

A friend of mine just finished a rewrite on his first novel and is preparing to enter the soul-crushing world of querying (nonwriters: this is when you send letters and sample chapters to agents hoping they’ll fall in love with your book and want to represent you and get you a huge publishing deal).  LikeContinue reading “When should you write the sequel?”

Even Michelangelo practiced painting before he did that ceiling.

I am fortunate in my friends. My writing group and my personal circle contain a number of writers both aspiring and accomplished, and each one has taught me something valuable.  And now I’ve been lucky enough to acquire an agent and have a small-pub novel coming out in less than a month. So with thoseContinue reading “Even Michelangelo practiced painting before he did that ceiling.”