Partying at the Cincinnati Comic Expo

This weekend is ComicCon!  The Cincinnati Comic Expo has grown every year since its inception, drawing celebrities and huge crowds.  I, along with several other Word Branch Publishing authors, have a booth this year, and today was a blast. What could be better than an entire convention center full of sci-fi/fantasy fans?  We sold aContinue reading “Partying at the Cincinnati Comic Expo”

What rocks about working with a small publisher

There are a lot of ways to publish a book nowadays. The old-school traditional way is to get an agent, who will then try to get your book picked up by a big publisher.  “Big Publisher” includes the “Big 5” (at least I think it’s currently 5…things change quickly in that world which otherwise movesContinue reading “What rocks about working with a small publisher”

Less than two weeks ’till pub date!

In less than two weeks, I’ll officially be a published author. Pretty cool. Technically I’m already that because of some short stories and a poem, but this is the big one.  This is the first novel. We’re through with editing and it’s been handed off to the proofreader.  She’s contacted me with a few questionsContinue reading “Less than two weeks ’till pub date!”

Even Michelangelo practiced painting before he did that ceiling.

I am fortunate in my friends. My writing group and my personal circle contain a number of writers both aspiring and accomplished, and each one has taught me something valuable.  And now I’ve been lucky enough to acquire an agent and have a small-pub novel coming out in less than a month. So with thoseContinue reading “Even Michelangelo practiced painting before he did that ceiling.”

It’s happened! I got the call!

Nobody who hasn’t tried to enter the world of publishing will understand how thrilling this sentence is: Wendy Vogel is represented by Carly Watters of P.S. Literary Agency. It’s such a simple sentence. And it makes it sound so easy. Write a book.  Find an agent.  Enjoy success. And in a way, it was prettyContinue reading “It’s happened! I got the call!”

Our first anthology!

It’s out there. Our first anthology. Be afraid. Two years ago just after I’d finished my first novel (recently acquired by WordBranch publishing), I joined a local writing group.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  They’re an amazing group of writers ranging from sci-fi to screenplay, memoir to fantasy erotica (elf sex,Continue reading “Our first anthology!”

It’s official…I have a book deal!

Well, it’s official.  The contract is signed.  After nearly three years of writing and four completed novels, I finally have a book deal. Surprisingly, it’s for the first novel I wrote.  FLAMEWALKER is a coming-of-age character-driven feminist fantasy.  I’d shopped it around to a bunch of agents and got some requests (and subsequent helpful rejections),Continue reading “It’s official…I have a book deal!”

Thoughts on Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most common behavior issues I see in practice.  It can turn a pet into a shelter pet really quickly, and because it’s a true phobia, it’s hard to control.  It can be helped, but it takes weeks and months of work, and sometimes drugs.  Usual disclaimer:  I’m not yourContinue reading “Thoughts on Separation Anxiety”

Advice about housesoiling cats

Here’s my first blog post on pet care! It’s totally cheating because I just copied a handout I wrote a couple of years ago for my office.   I give this to anyone who brings me a cat who pees on stuff, and I’m happy to share it with you.  Standard disclaimer:  I don’t know yourContinue reading “Advice about housesoiling cats”