Ohio Readers and Writers Expo

This weekend was the first annual Ohio Readers and Writers Expo, held in Akron, Ohio.  The organizers did a great job with putting together a well-run show.  Over thirty area authors participated with booths and workshops. I sat on the Fantasy/SciFi Authors’ Panel discussion, and along with my author buddy Jerjonji, I led a workshopContinue reading “Ohio Readers and Writers Expo”

This post contains a curse word

If you’ve found this post because you’re a kid who loved Horizon Alpha, fair warning to you.  This post contains a curse word. Not a little one.  Not hell or crap.  It’s the big one. My current publisher is family-friendly, so Horizon Alpha contains no swearing.  Do you know how hard it is to writeContinue reading “This post contains a curse word”

Horizon Alpha available today!

It’s finally time for dinosaurs to rule again! I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of Horizon Alpha: Predators of Eden from Future House Publishing. It’s a science fiction adventure about fifteen year old Caleb Wilde whose shuttle goes down in a jungle full of dinosaurs. Preliminary reviews have been overwhelmingly positive:   “Makes JurassicContinue reading “Horizon Alpha available today!”

2016 Flying Pig Half Marathon Highlights

I’ve tried to explain to a lot of non-runners why I love running big races.  I talk about the electricity in the air at the starting line, the amazing view of the ocean of bobbing heads as we trot up the bridges.  Cheering fans who got up at 6AM to support the runners and theContinue reading “2016 Flying Pig Half Marathon Highlights”

Writing a perfect novel

My editor saved a guy’s life today. I didn’t want her to. I argued a bit. Told her she shouldn’t do it.  But she convinced me, and now there’s a character in my upcoming release who should have died but doesn’t.  One life saved. We’re in the final stages of editing Horizon Alpha: Predators ofContinue reading “Writing a perfect novel”

Why querying is like door-to-door religion

Non-writers have no idea. Because my writing group is devoting a meeting to queries next week, I’ve done some thinking  about the whole process of trying to get an agent or publisher. It occurred to me that playing the query game is a lot like trying to convert the heathen masses by knocking on randomContinue reading “Why querying is like door-to-door religion”

When should you write the sequel?

A friend of mine just finished a rewrite on his first novel and is preparing to enter the soul-crushing world of querying (nonwriters: this is when you send letters and sample chapters to agents hoping they’ll fall in love with your book and want to represent you and get you a huge publishing deal).  LikeContinue reading “When should you write the sequel?”