Our first anthology!

It’s out there.

Our first anthology.

Be afraid.

Two years ago just after I’d finished my first novel (recently acquired by WordBranch publishing), I joined a local writing group.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  They’re an amazing group of writers ranging from sci-fi to screenplay, memoir to fantasy erotica (elf sex, apparently. It’s a thing.  Who knew?).  We have multi-published authors, international bestsellers (well, one international bestseller), and lots of enthusiastic hopefuls.  And when I found them they were working on a short story anthology.

Those interested submitted stories, and we spent the better part of a year helping each other get them right.  The results were formatted and prepared for publication by Catherine at WordBranch (starting to feel the theme here?), and today it’s available.  Only paperback so far, until I can figure out the whole Kindle Direct thing.  I was recently elected group leader (which sounds really impressive, and isn’t…less a case of me stepping forward and more a case of everyone else stepping back), so I’m now in charge of this thing.  All proceeds go to a literacy charity endorsed by Book Bums, the little bookstore where we meet.

It’s a fun little anthology.  Mostly dark stuff, with a few happy stories thrown in for relief.  I hope you like it.

And keep your eyes on this site.  There’s a very big enormous huge announcement coming next week.

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