AHOW strikes back

    Today’s AHOW interview is with author Donise Sheppard. Title and synopsis/blurb of your AHOW story: “Coalrun Road” Jennifer’s in love with her family’s new house. Her youngest daughter copes with the move by making an imaginary friend. When objects start moving on their own, Jennifer begins to wonder if the bargain house hasContinue reading “AHOW strikes back”

Flamewalker Returns!

Happy Immolation Day! Celebrate the new edition of Flamewalker today. Women rule in Saria. Gifted with the Goddess’s magic, those women chosen as Flamewalkers wear Her scars and wield Her power. Seer, Healer, or Firemaiden, each must master a newfound skill and take her place in the country’s service. When Khalira emerges from the ceremonialContinue reading “Flamewalker Returns!”

My very own AHOW interview

    Today’s AHOW interview is with…me!   Title: “Rowdy” is the story of an old dog’s last day on earth.  It’s a quick piece to remind us that love never dies, and best friends are forever. What inspired you to write this story?  I’m a veterinarian.  The story comes from twenty years of wieldingContinue reading “My very own AHOW interview”

AHOW…the tour continues.

  Today’s AHOW interview is with author Suanne Kim   Title and synopsis/blurb.  Objects in Motion The last four years have been difficult for Miles. In a stroke of luck, he finds love under the most unlikely circumstances–while rescuing strangers in a subway station.   Mattie is everything he’s ever wanted: witty, beautiful, intelligent. OrContinue reading “AHOW…the tour continues.”

Better late than never…an AHOW interview with Brian Paone of Scout Media

Today’s AHOW author interview is with Brian Paone. Title and synopsis/blurb of your AHOW story: “Anesthetize (or A Dream Played in Reverse on Piano Keys)” A disenchanted-youth ghost story, with a cat named Bonnie, a restraining order, lovers on the rocks, and a hanging teenager, swinging from the trees near the train tracks by theContinue reading “Better late than never…an AHOW interview with Brian Paone of Scout Media”