Flamewalker Returns!

Happy Immolation Day!

Celebrate the new edition of Flamewalker today.

Women rule in Saria.

Gifted with the Goddess’s magic, those women chosen as Flamewalkers wear Her scars and wield Her power. Seer, Healer, or Firemaiden, each must master a newfound skill and take her place in the country’s service.

When Khalira emerges from the ceremonial flames marked with all three Flamewalker powers, even her own kind shrink away in fear. An outcast at the Academy, she must learn to control three conflicting gifts like no other woman before her.

And control them she must.

Far to the north in an enemy land, blacksmith Adon Estervar watches in horror as his daughter is burned alive for the treason of wielding healing ability without the king’s authority. Wracked with despair, he stumbles upon an ancient secret, a way to steal Flamewalker gifts for himself. But women’s power is madness in a man. If he cannot control this stolen magic, his vengeance threatens to ignite a war that could burn both countries to ashes.


High Fantasy at its very best.     –Nikolas Everhart, author of Cee is for Clone


If you enjoy fantasy, treat yourself to being engulfed by Flamewalker!  –Timothy Attewell, author of  Carry On: Stan Zuray’s Journey from Boston Greaser to Alaskan Homesteader

Vogel has spun an unforgettable, intense tale that I could not put down.  –Jennifer Reinfried, author of Grim Ambition


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