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Another AHOW interview!



Today’s A Haunting of Words interview is with author Kari Holloway


Title and synopsis/blurb of your AHOW story:


Gunpowder & Wool

Corporal Hulett greets the morning on the eve of battle, readying his men to march forth, but what comes through the ghostly fog of gunpowder and scattershot leaves him defending the merits of battle and the rights of brothers-in-arms.


What inspired you to write this story?

Where I am from, Andersonville Georgia is a staple from school field trips, national holiday activities, and the yearly reenactments honoring the men who lost their life for a cause they believed in. Not the cause of the government, but the cause of being beside their neighbors standing up together as a united front. Millions were affected with the civil war, and we like to look at it as an overview, but for the men serving, it wasn’t black and white, ideas vs truth.


How long have you been writing?

Professionally, July 2015 marks the starting point. I wrote Cracked But Never Broken and haven’t stopped writing since. Prior to that, writing was a dirty little secret I hid from everyone, even my parents.


What genres do you most associate with in your writing?

Southern fiction is the umbrella I write while the specific genres would be romance (my Laughing P series) and paranormal (my Devil’s Playground series).


What are you working on right now?

I’m working on the third Devil’s Playground novella, the final proofing for the second Devil’s Playground, titled Cry of Gold, which is due to be released in June. Never too Late is headed to the editor to finish up my Laughing P. I’m gearing up a book signing at Xion and having a table at Epicon.


What else do you have available/published?

Cracked But Never Broken ( )
Behind the Lens ( )

Forgotten (

Beneath the Mask ( ) [a perma free short story found on all e-book retailers]

Unbound ( )

Love, Lust, and Scary Monsters ( )


What advice do you give to new writers?

Just because one idea doesn’t work now, doesn’t mean that idea won’t work later.


List links where people can find your work:

For the easiest list, they can check out my site or I use books2read links which lead to global and universal links making it a one click button for those around the world.

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