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Resolution is a funny word, especially at this time of year.

One meaning is “to find an answer or solution, to settle or solve.”

Another is “to make a formal decision about something.”

Both work for the change of a year.

We bid goodbye to 2015.  It was a good year for me in so many ways.

I resolved my search for an agent by finding the amazing Carly Watters.

I resolved my quest to get a first novel published by working with Word Branch Publishing.

I resolved my continuing cancer saga by completing my last (fingers crossed) reconstructive surgery.

Huge milestones, all.

And what of the other meaning?  What new resolutions for 2016?

Most of what I want to accomplish is only partially under my control.  My agent is shopping a murder mystery, and I’d dearly love to see that book come to publication.  It’s as good as I can make it, and now it’s up to the editors.  I wait and hope.

I have beta readers checking out my newest thriller.  With their suggestions, I resolve to make it work.

I have the barest outline completed for my next book.  It’s calling to me right now.  2016 will see it finished, and I can only hope it will sing to others the way it sings in my head.

My publisher has the first of a different series in her hands…will she like it?  No longer up to me.

And somewhere down the road I hear the distant voice of Saria, my Flamewalkers calling for a new adventure.  It’s a faint flicker that teases the edge of everything else I write.

Endings and beginnings.  They’re what the changing of a year brings to mind.  2015 was a banner year for me, and I hope it brought longed-for resolutions to you, too.

What resolved for you?  What do you resolve for 2016?  Share in the comments.

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