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Sci-Fi Anthology is here!

Well, this was quick.

My third publication releases today!

It’s a science fiction anthology put together by Word Branch Publishing called Stories in Future Tense.  I’m a contributing author and, along with several others, an editor.  I won’t tell you which stories I got to edit, but in this book I get to be proud not only of my own story, but of other authors’ as well.  Pretty exciting, and so happy to have been trusted by Word Branch to help bring this book to life.

I’ve read all the stories in it, and we have quite an eclectic collection.  There’s something for everyone to enjoy.  Proceeds benefit literacy charities.

I’m told that if you want to be sure of having the physical book to give as a Christmas gift (and you DO, don’t you?), you should do expedited shipping just to be safe.  We’re cutting it pretty close, here.

By the way, in case you were wondering, I still smell like a camel’s backside.  The bandages come off tonight, and I get to see my amazing plastic surgeon’s latest attempt at perfecting my new boobage.  In case anyone’s wondering about the procedure, check out for details about this no-implant way to build boobs from nothing.

Meanwhile, enjoy some fun Sci-Fi stories.

Stories In Future Tense

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