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From JournalStone Publishing, August 5, 2022

When Naomi’s husband dies, she’s left destitute and desperate. The only help she and her young daughter can turn to is the remains of the evangelical cult Naomi escaped from, vowing never to return. The Covenant of Jesus’ Cleansing Waters is now just a derelict ruin of old trailers and Mama’s rundown farmhouse. But the ghosts of Naomi’s cult upbringing are restless, and when young girls start disappearing from the small Ohio town, Naomi’s nightmares are visited by a ghastly apparition. Is the faceless spirit a demon sent to taunt her for her sinful ways, or a warning to save her daughter before it’s too late?

The Risen is now available from Outland Entertainment! The undead must protect the living on a world where a decade of darkness allows monsters from beneath the planet’s surface to arise and destroy civilization. Zombie heroes! Undead gladiators! Evil scientists! Courageous giant bugs! Check it out now wherever books are sold.

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Flamewalker Series

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“Another great fast-paced, sci-fi adventure from D.W. Vogel. Horizon Beta is Book 4 in the Horizon series and takes place on a new planet with a new cast of characters. It can be read as a standalone, although I would recommend reading the series in order. Like Vogel’s earlier works, this book is very well-written with high stakes, enthralling world-building, and relatable characters. Another must read! Highly recommend.”

Pamela, Amazon Review

“This is an excellent read for anyone who loves short story anthologies, and it is a really nice size with a whole list of different stories. Even though a lot of the authors in this book were people I’d never heard of, I was incredibly surprised with their talent. I was expecting a lot of straight-up horrors and insane scariness with this book, but what I got instead was an intricately woven collection of heartfelt tales like “Rowdy,” spooky haunts like “Storm House” with a comical twist, and so much more than I anticipated. I would highly recommend this book, and it will hold a steady spot on my bookshelf because there are some in this collection I know I will later want to read again.”

S.R., Amazon Review

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  1. Don’t know how I came across this, but wow. My sto.achwS flipping as I was reading. A straight-up, visceral reaction,…

  2. Mary and Mark Johnson on About

    Dr. Wendy, You rock in our world for taking such good care of our dogs and us for over 20…

  3. Hang in there! Would love to see a Flamewalker sequel 😉 so keep walking and fighting the big C!!!

  4. Thanks so much! The Horizon Beta is scheduled for release next spring, and the Super Dungeon Explore series is available…

  5. Ms. Vogel I’m so sorry to hear about your health struggles. I’m a retired Ag Ed Teacher and HS Principle.…

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